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The Re-visit

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Even though it is now April of 2010, I have decided to revisit this old blog. During the kitchen renovation, I neglected her a litttle and so she lacks some up to date content.

Now, Even though my memory has faded – the date tag on my photos has not!

Following the last post – we have begun putting the plaster up. As you can see in the photo’s the dining room side is close to completion – minus some painting. On the other hand – the kitchen side still needs a bit of work


The wall removal – Part II

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

This morning was spent at Mitre 10 with a little bit of shopping. Finally found the door cavity to suit the house after three failed trips to Bunnings.  But the sales guy a Mitre 10 was extremely helpful – especially since he said he was going through exactly the same thing as us (Renovating a kitchen in a 50 year old house).

So today was a little bit of a big spend day:

1 x Sliding door cavity kit

1 x 190 x 45 x 3600 mm beam

1 x 90 x 45 x 2700 mm beam

1 x Reciprocating saw

1 x Spirit Level

1 x Square

1 x Chisel

Any way for the work we got completed today – especially with help from Neil – Couldn’t have made the first circular saw cuts in the studs without him. We didn’t get as much done as I hoped we would have but still ample time to get it finished. Pictures speak thousands of words, so here we go: Oh, but we still have to nail that Lintel in place.



Side wall lintel supportLintel corner

Side wall lintel support

Close up of Lintel

Close up of lintel

The wall removal – Part I

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Saturday began with a trip to KitchensUBuild to pay the deposit and sign off on the measurements – so should be 4 weeks to pick up of the new flat pack Kitchen (Oh, did I mention we are assembling it ourselves – with help from Peter of course).

Only probably the 50th issue we have come across so far – I ask Coreen, “Do you think it would be OK to have the free standing oven installed prior to installing the cabinetry around it?” to which she responds “well, law stipulates that you must have access to a tap on the gas line fitted close to the oven. So it may have to go into an adjacent cupboard”

“That is great”, we both think to ourselves as we are walking out of the store. We have pull out drawers on both sides of the oven, and really don’t want to install the gas line through those cupboards. My latest thought is, hopefully given  it is free standing the tap can be floor mounted below the oven.

OK, time to see what is behind door number 1. Nothing much more satisfying that a bit of demolition. With help from Neil -the plaster begins to come off. So the rest of Saturday was spent removing plaster and Vacuuming.

Exhaust fan

Dining room wall showing wall plate

Dining room wall

Dining room wall

The load bearing wall

Friday, August 21st, 2009

We decided we would like a cavity sliding door between the kitchen and dining room due to that extra bit of wall you get, plus it looks a little neater when finished. This means prettty much pulling down an entire wall to install the cavity sliding kit.

Now, before we started pulling down the wall, we had to know what sort of load it was bearing. So it was up into the roof to check… Images of roof space

Following the advice from family – it was decided that the roof would need to be braced with a lintel.

The hard rubbish collection

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Nothing like a hard rubbish collection to motivate you to get moving. With a hard rubbish collection scheduled for the week beginning 17th August, we had to start getting some 45 year old cupboards out onto the nature strip. This means living off the dining room table for around a month before the new kitchen goes in.

So Sunday evening – the night before hard rubbish collection – we get to work removing some cupboard.

Now, a set of cupboards and overheads lie on the nature strip, and a trestle table is in their place in the kitchen.  The door between the kitchen and dining room is only 300 mm from the wall so the next job is to move the door way around 500 mm.