The wall removal – Part II

This morning was spent at Mitre 10 with a little bit of shopping. Finally found the door cavity to suit the house after three failed trips to Bunnings.  But the sales guy a Mitre 10 was extremely helpful – especially since he said he was going through exactly the same thing as us (Renovating a kitchen in a 50 year old house).

So today was a little bit of a big spend day:

1 x Sliding door cavity kit

1 x 190 x 45 x 3600 mm beam

1 x 90 x 45 x 2700 mm beam

1 x Reciprocating saw

1 x Spirit Level

1 x Square

1 x Chisel

Any way for the work we got completed today – especially with help from Neil – Couldn’t have made the first circular saw cuts in the studs without him. We didn’t get as much done as I hoped we would have but still ample time to get it finished. Pictures speak thousands of words, so here we go: Oh, but we still have to nail that Lintel in place.



Side wall lintel supportLintel corner

Side wall lintel support

Close up of Lintel

Close up of lintel

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